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With an objective to raise the standards of Clinical Legal Education in India, the GD Goenka University, School of Law announces G D Goenka – ClArb (India) International Virtual Commercial Arbitration Competition, 2020 from November, 28-29, 2020.


Moot Court Competitions, which is a mandatory part of law curriculum in our law school offers a practical and application-based approach to learning of law. It gives the law students, the necessary free space to interpret and analyze legal provisions in the context of a given legal regime, while trying to solve a practical problem. The GDGU School of Law is dedicated to promote this aspect of legal training for ensuring a wholesome legal education and the GD Goenka -CIArb Arbitration Competition is an endeavour of the School of Law in this direction.

G D Goenka- CIArb Arbitration Competition is based on International Commercial Arbitration Law Regime. India is a progressive and developing nation promoting fair, competitive and innovative trade practices and creating a healthy environment in national and international market for consumer welfare and economic growth. This competition theme shall allow the participants to analyze the weak policy structures in the domestic implementation of international concerns. It further seeks to provide a gateway to reflect on solutions for similar disputes globally.

About GD Goenka University

The G. D. Goenka Group is a leading educational setup driven by a passion for excellence in education and quality in life, where Globalization and Internationalization are the buzz words. With 17 years of excellence in the field of education, GD Goenka Group has come a long way since its first school in 1994. The GD Goenka Education City is set on 60 acres with the ancient and picturesque Aravalli hills for a backdrop. The GD Goenka University is guided by the philosophy that new thinking in the areas of teaching, learning, research and training are pivotal to making students tomorrow’s leaders and giving them a world view.

With unswerving focus on providing quality education, GD Goenka University has engaged the best faculty to guide students, engage their minds and raise their horizon. The University has the best of facilities, equipment including laboratories, dedicated video conference facilities, virtual learning facilities and fully equipped conference rooms. These are all designed to extract the best and most creative qualities from the students. To afford quality education to students, which are along the lines of best of international standards, the University follows an inter-disciplinary approach to education whereby students are encouraged to learn subjects from various disciplines at GDGU. A global connection via a truly international educational institution.


CIArb is an international Centre of excellence for the practice and profession of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).It is a growing membership of 15,000 is based across 133 countries and supported by an international network of 39 branches. CIArb provides education and training for arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators. It also acts as a global hub for practitioners, policy makers, academics and those in business, supporting the global promotion, facilitation and development of all ADR methods.CIArb offers a range of resources including guidance, support, advice, networking and promotional opportunities, as well as facilities for hearings, meetings and other events

Important Dates

DAY 1: November 28, 2020 INAUGURAL Saturday
Time Event Professor
09:00 Introduction to the event Mr. Karan Arora
09:10 Welcome Address Prof. (Dr.) Tabrez Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, GD Goenka University and Dean,
School of Law, GD Goenka University
09:15 Sharing of thoughts Prof. (Dr.) Suku Bhaskaran, President, GD Goenka University
09:20 Words of wisdom Dr. Lalit Bhasin, Senior Advocate Supreme Court of India, President CIArb (India) &
Chief Patron, GD Goenka-ClArb International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition, 2020
09:30 Special Address Hon’ble ML Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, Former Chief Justice of India &
Former Chairperson, Human Rights Commission.
09:50 Vote of Thanks Prof. (DO Anil Dawra, Proctor, GD Goenka University
DAY 2: November 29, 2020 Valedictory Ceremony Sunday
Time Event Professor
04:00 Background to the event Ms. Malvika Arora
4:05 pm Welcome Address Prof. (Dr.) Tabrez Ahmad, Vice Chancellor and Dean, School of Law, GDGU
4:10 pm Sharing of thoughts Prof. (Dr.) Suku Bhaskaran, President, GDGU
4:15 pm Key report and reflection of the event Moot Court Committee
4:20 pm Sharing of thoughts DL Lalit Bhasin, Senior Advocate Supreme Court of India, President CIArb(lndia), Chief
Patron, GD Goenka-CIArb International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition, 2020
4:25 pm Valedictory Address Dr. Michael Hwang S.C., Former Chief Justice of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts
4:45 pm Declaration of results Moot Court Committee
4:55 pm Vote of Thanks ML Shreyas Vyas, Faculty I/C Moot Court Committee, School of Law, GDGU

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